Privacy Policy

MUSIC: It will be the cornerstone of the station. It was decided early on we would play everything from Punk Rock to Polka. "From Nine Inch Nails to Nat King Cole" is one of our station IDs. Although we want to maintain the variety of our music, our HOPE is the theme/genre of our musical library will be assigned to specific times. As a side note: our library is made up of LEGALLY acquired music, cross-check with the ASCAP/BMI/SESAC repertory databases—with applicable recordings sequestered if/when they are determined by Club members not to be in these databases.

NEWS: Since we have an award-winning Journalism area, news and informational pieces would also be a big part of the programming.  Everyone agreed from the beginning the station would not become a mouth-piece to any group or organization.  We did not want to become another MS-NBC/FOXNews outlet.  News stories would follow old-school Journalistic integrity--e.g. following AP style, at least two sources for breaking news, etc.  In addition, ANY opinion shows (e.g. our sports-talk shows) will clearly be defined and IDed as OPINION shows, and not factual/news programs.

We're not married to anything, though. In fact, we expect our shows to come and go as students come to UNG, join dB and eventually graduate. Also, programming will change as our audiences’ interests builds and wanes. .

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